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    Landscape Design

    "Landscape Design With Maintenance In Mind" is our motto! Looking to turn your property into an oasis that you and your family can enjoy year round? Hines & Zaffarese Landscaping can design and install the perfect environment for you to relax and unwind.

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    Property Maintenance

    The single most important element in properly maintaining your home or business is consistent quality service. At Hines & Zaffarese Landscaping, Outstanding property maintenance has been one of the keys to our success.

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    Winter Landscaping Services

    Tree Pruning — Yard Cleanups — Shrub Care — Gutter Cleaning
    Winter is a great time for tree maintainence. Whether it's pruning, shaping or removal of dead limbs, this time of the year is optimal due to trees going into a hibernation state. Pruning is less tramatic and rates of infection from predators are at their lowest. An Anit Desiccant Application on your vulnerable, broadleaf shrubs is recommended to prevent damage from cold, dry & brittle winter winds.

Landscape Design Long Island


Creative Landscape Design
From elegant landscape design to the installation of ponds, waterfalls and other water features, Hines & Zaffarese Landscaping does it all! We can design and install the quintessential outdoor space for you and your family. Whether you're looking for functionality, or simply a place to relax, Hines & Zaffarese will exceed your expectations!

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Landscaping Long Island


A Great Looking Lawn
The single most important element in maintaining any property is consistent service, which has been one of the keys to our success. Our professional, well-trained staff works hard to elicit the natural beauty of your landscape through regular maintenance, expert lawn care and specialized programs including organic fertilizer & pesticide care.

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Winter Services


Winter Landscaping Services
Winter is perfect for tree pruning. Without leaves, we can easily see the structure of the tree and determine which branches should stay, be trimmed or be removed. Pruning while dormant is also the healthiest for the tree because infection rates are lowest. Gutter Cleaning is available to prevent ice dams and damage from leftover debris.

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Long Island, New York's Landscaping Professionals


The biggest benefit of hiring Hines & Zaffarese for all your landscaping needs in New York is the peace and tranquility that you will enjoy on your property year round. That said, there are many more attributes to hiring a quality landscaper that you might not consider, such as the ability to entertain guests in your backyard, and increased home value. A well-appointed and landscaped yard becomes a source of pride, as well as allows a homeowner to savor the beauty of nature in the comfort of his own home.

Landscape design is creating a natural and organic layout of plants surrounding your home. It maximizes the resources of the land and supplements it with physical features and plant choices that maximize your home's aesthetic. Hines & Zaffarese utilize plants and natural resources to improve outdoor spaces and create a pleasing environment for residences, businesses and the communities at large. Our approach maximizes efficient use of natural resources, makes outdoor activities and entertaining more pleasant, and increases the value of your home.

Hines & Zaffarese provide the homeowner with the opportunity to create beauty outside of her home by using the many features and natural elements available with Long Island landscape design. Not only do our landscape designs take into account the land's natural features, but we also select plantings that will bloom continually throughout the summer, not all at once in the Spring. A well-designed environment begins with a plan that takes into account what the area will be used for and the feeling that is desired in the backyard, and ends as a place of natural beauty and sanctuary to entertain guests, spend time with the family or just enjoy some quiet time outside of the home.

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